Good Human-Relations Are Key to Success and Happiness

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Good human-relations are vital

We strongly advise you to read the three following introductions before exploring our colored topics: Health, Sexuality, Money, Human relations.

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2) ◊◊ This Site’s Objectives

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Family relationships (spouses, parents and children)

A) Family relationships (wife and husband)

B) Family relationships (parents and children)

C) Educational methods. Self-Control or self-esteem?

Professional relationships (work, business, undertakings)

Friendships (how to make, develop and keep friendships)

Economy, politics, religion (spirituality)

Introduction: Human-relations (interpersonal relations)

What is human relations? Simply put: human relations are social relations; the way people interact and behave. Mastering human relations is very important. Because it will lead you to success and happiness.

In this section, we will show you how to have marvelous human relations. You will have effective human relations. Our Institute knows that: successful human relations will help you succeed and be happy.

Please, read this section as a human relations seminar; this human relations training will help you win many victories. The study of human relations is very important; so, read this section very seriously; read and apply it, you will be happy you did. Before learning and applying human relations principles, I made many costly mistakes; but you can avoid them now.

Human relations factors are many. There are many challenges in human relations. We will show them to you , and provide you with practical tools to be victorious.

Human relations (interpersonal relations)

This part of human life is both simple and complicated, like human nature and human culture.

Simple? Because human nature and human culture can be understood and improved.

At the Institute of Human Cultivation (IHC), we are certain of this: anyone who applies the basic principles we teach in this website, will develop good human-relations (interpersonal relations).

From experience we know that anyone who applies these efficient principles, in the light of the powerful virtues listed in the important section: Health of the soul, can harmonize his human-relations.

Not only his human relations but his health (body, soul, mind and emotions): Health

His sexuality: Sexuality

His financial situation: Money

And will be more able to benefit from the triad: economy-politics-religion (spirituality): Economy, politics, religion (spirituality)

Complicated? Because many people doubt their ability to become better creatures; and among those who decide to become better, some do not know the best way to achieve it. In all modesty and due respect, our Institute offers an effective and proven method; in this website. You will have effective human-relations skills.

Before continuing...

You can write us, we would like to read other interesting novelties; share your experiences, views and your success story with us. Other readers will be very happy to discover successes that our methods have brought to you; and so do we. Contact us.

Please share this book with your family, friends, peers...

Dear friend, if you've read this far you have a burning desire to become better: To succeed. Your mental attitude is good. We congratulate you.

Believe it is possible to be happy. "Everything is possible for him who believes." You already have the motivation and self-esteem. You already have confidence in yourself. That's a lot. Human relationships are also social relations.

Our Institute offers you proven approaches to have excellent relations with your fellow beings. With these practical approaches you could be a good trainer in human relations.

The best advice in human relation we can offer you now is to read put into practice these efficient methods you discover here.

Let’s move on...

What is human relations approach? Human relations involves at least two human beings. It refers to the nature of the relationship, or persons in relationships.

1) Here are some examples of such relations:

* Personal relationship (build professional relationships)

* Friendly relationship (strategy for success in human-relations)

* Love relationship (human relations motivation)

* Sexual relationship (human-relations models)

* Business relationship (human-relations in business; human relations and healthy company)

* Conflict and mediation (problems in human relations; human relations counseling)

* Etc.

Good human relations also mean good communication:

2) Here are some examples of relations referring to the types of person implicated:

* Parent-child relationship (family relationships behavior)

* Employer-employee (human relations at work; human relations and happy employees)

* Doctor-patient (human relations in organizations)

* Owner-tenant (professional relationship building)

* Vendor-customer (professional relationship advices; building professional relationships)

* Dominant-dominated (social conflict and human-relations)

* Abuser-victim (behavioral human-relations)

* Teacher-student (professional relationships in schools; human relations and education)

* God-human (human relation and moral organization; Ten Commandments of human relations)

* Etc.

All these points are some of our human relations topics. These human relations subjects will help you achieve many goals in your life; they will make your life easier.

We focus on these two aspects (the nature of a relation and the type of person implicated). But the Institute of Human Cultivation also focuses on the structure and conditions of the society, group relations, social networks, etc. We provide you with efficient human-relations principles; you will acquire the right human relations.

Our life experiences, as our studies (micro-biology, psychology and sociology), have taught us this: "Many people fail their love life, family or professional life, because they have ignored or neglected laws that govern good human relations (interpersonal relations)."

But to ignore a law does not protect the ignorant. The death will not say: "I did not know that a power of 6000 volts was fatal." A conventional wisdom says: "No one is supposed to ignore the law."

Worse is the case of a person who fails to enforce laws already known; because in this case such a person deliberately gets into trouble.

You see? To ignore a law or neglect it, does not justify or protect the person who ignores or neglect it. In one case or another it is wise to discover, study, and enforce laws that govern good human relations; but also laws that govern health, sexuality and money; including economy, politics and religion (spirituality). Those are also few goals of our Institute.

Would you like to enjoy good human-relations? With your family, wife, husband, parents, children, friends, colleagues, etc. You certainly want to have, develop and maintain good human relations in the workplace, in your company, in your business, etc. It would be nice to know how to create and maintain friendships.

We show you how.

Economy, politics and religion (spirituality) are also part of human-relations; well understood and applied, they can propel you towards many victories. This is what we will see.

* Family relationships (husband and wife, parents and children)

* Professional relations (work, business)

* Friendship (create friendship, develop and retain it)

* Economy, politics and religion (spirituality); benefit from them

Voilà. You have in your hands, good advices in human relations. Therefore, explore them: it is synonymous with success and happiness.

In your three important documentations:

In your documentation: My Potential, My Life Story, My Diary, be prepared to note all positive results and successes you'll surely have. If you read, study and put into practice the methods we suggest in this site.

"Psycho-somatic balance is linked to psycho-social harmony; and vice versa."

The following shows you how to harmonize your family relationships, in order to be successful and happy.

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Happy human relations, See you! :)

Institute of Human Cultivation (!)

Ottawa, On, Canada

What-Is-New ?

*Here is the new book of our Institute: The Human Cultivation.

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